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Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh

Best place to Buy Fire Extinguisher Online in Bangladesh 2200+ Clients. Not Only Providing the Best Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh but also, We are the Largest Fire Extinguisher and Fire Equipment’s Supplier Company in Bangladesh. We Provide All sorts and types of Fire Extinguisher, Which Includes ABCE Dry Powder ( Suitable for all types of Fire), Co2 -Carbon dioxide ( Suitable for Oil and Gas types of Fire), Foam( Suitable for Oil and Gas types of Fire) and Water( Suitable for wood types of Fire). Fire Extinguisher nowadays is a great advantage of Eradicating Dangerous Fire in Home, Factories or Office. Extinguishers are always suitable for startup Fire or the beginning fire and it is very most widely used for that purpose. Trying to extinguish the fire with 3-5 KG Fire Extinguisher is not recommended at all as it is insufficient to do so. Fire Extinguishers are nowadays available at all security shops or Bazaars, due to the constant fire Accidents in the country. People are now much smarter and keep at least 1 pcs fire extinguisher at their office or house to remain safe or feel safe. You never know when or how the fire may get Caught!

Cheap or Best Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh?

Cheap and Best are both almost opposite words. Best may not be cheap or Cheap may not be best always. so, the real question is how one can buy safe and sound Fire Extinguisher for their needs. We will guide you to buy the Best Quality Fire Extinguisher in Bangladesh at Affordable Prices. Fire Extinguisher Can be categorized into 4 types, ABCE, co2, Foam, and Water. As per your needs, you can select the Fire Extinguisher you like. After that we will go for quality approval, A good fire Extinguisher must pass below factors :

  • UL, ETL, CSA, and FM Approvals
  • Correct Size
  • Correct Pressure
  • Standard bottle Size

After finding these qualities in a Fire Extinguisher, it is Safe to buy Fire Extinguisher.


Choosing the Right Fire Extinguisher in Bangladesh, for your needs

First, know your Room Size :

Business and House Size vary, so as the placement of Fire Extinguisher. For a Small Room, only one fire extinguisher enough to go, whereas in a large room you will need 2-3 Fire Extinguisher. If it is a factory, you will need bulk fire extinguisher or if it is a flammable warehouse or Factory, you just need to install the auto fire extinguisher or install huge numbers of Fire Extinguisher, to overcome high or Strong Fire.

How much Weight you Can Handle?

Fire Extinguishers are in various sizes and weights. A 5 Kg Fire Extinguisher Weight 8.5 kg with the bottle. So, you have to understand, Can it be handled by people, where it is kept. If you are keeping one in your home, make sure everyone from child to old people must have the capacity to handle it, for example, a 2 kg ABCE Fire Extinguisher with bottle weighs around 3-3.5 Kg, which is easy carryable and portable for everyone. Whereas in Large factories you can use the 20-25 Fire Extinguisher Bottle, where a trolley is fixed with the Fire Extinguisher to Easily Carry and Move the Fire Extinguisher.

Which Fire Extinguisher for What use?

Fire can be of various types, so as the Fire Extinguisher. Basically for Wood, Paper or home type of Fire ABCE Powder Fire Extinguisher is highly Recommended. For Gas or Oil types of fire, Co2 or Carbon dioxide is Recommended, as these fires are highly flammable and need a good amount of pressure to extinguish. For Flammable liquids and Gas, Foam is Well recommended, as it suits the needs.

Talk to Expert about the Fire Extinguisher Placement Planning

If you are a bit confused with the fact that which fire extinguisher to use for what use, You can always consult us. Our Expert will consult and suggest you with the best Fire Extinguisher and where to use or place them. After a brief survey, we will be able to give an estimate of how many fire extinguishers will be needed in a place and what types of Fire Extinguisher should you install.


Best Place to Buy Fire Extinguisher Online in Bangladesh

When it comes to Buy Fire Extinguisher online in Bangladesh, we are trusted by more than 50+ clients. Trust and our Long client list makes us more trustable to buy Fire Extinguisher from us. We prefer Quality and UL authorized Fire Extinguisher, as we want our clients to remain safe and risk-free. Though there are numerous companies and Fire Extinguishers in Local Market, all fire extinguishers are not alike. Some fire extinguisher doesn’t have the correct pressure or quality type of Fire Extinguisher, which is required to extinguish the fire, which is a great risk during Fire. Some Fire Extinguisher is not Even UL Listed which is a must for a Fire Extinguisher.

A Quality Fire Extinguisher can be recognized by checking the Correct reading in the meter of the Fire Extinguisher. Secondly, it should be UL Listed to meed the international Guidelines and approvals.

You can check our Various types of Fire Extinguisher here at . Here you will get the price of all types of Fire Extinguisher and Fire Equipment and also understand the Fire Extinguisher and its work better.

Need Fire Extinguisher Refill in Bangladesh?

We provide the Best Quality Fire Extinguisher Refill in Bangladesh for all kinds of Fire Extinguisher, which included ABCE Powder, Co2 ( Carbon dioxide), Foam and Auto Fire Extinguisher.

After using the Fire Extinguisher, It must Refill it Immediately. You never know when and where Fire may get caught again. To Refill Fire Extinguisher, you must empty the full bottle, spraying out the full powder and Pressure. Once it is done, Our People will collect the Empty Fire Extinguisher Bottles from your Places and bring them to our Factory for Refill.

Our Refilling Process :

  • At first, the knob of Fire Extinguisher is opened and all the pressure and powder if left behind is emptied.
  • After That Fire Extinguisher is washed and cleaned with warm water
  • The meter is check for dizziness and corrected. Some times the meter in the Fire Extinguisher becomes dizzy when the fire extinguisher is Extinguished.
  • The empty bottle is then measured in the metered Scale
  • The right amount of 60 grade Powder is inserted inside the bottle, at a certain weight as per bottle size
  • the knob is then closed and powder is well shake
  • the right amount of pressure is given to the bottle and it’s Ready

Best Fire Extinguisher Refill company in Bangladesh

Though there are many Fire Extinguisher Refill Company in Bangladesh all are not qualified and don’t follow the correct above procedure. Some Fire Extinguisher Refill Company doesn’t even drain the previous Powder and used them to refill the fire extinguisher, which is not appreciated. Some people always are on the cheap Side, they try to give the Refill of Fire Extinguisher to any undignified Company, as a result during a Fire Emergency, these Fire Extinguisher doesn’t work. Remember you should not always use the cheap as it may lead you to a cheap situation which you never believed.

A great tip from our side is that when a Fire Extinguisher Expire Date comes to almost end. What you can do is Rehearsal. Yes, That’s Right, You can do Fire Rehearsal with these almost Expired Fire Extinguisher, thus you will become more courageous to use them during an Emergency.

Auto Fire Ball Price in Bangladesh | AFO Fireball Bangladesh

We also provide Auto Fire Ball or AFO Fire Ball Price in Bangladesh with Cheap Auto Fireball Price in Bangladesh. This is the most hassle-free and most convenient way to use, As because you don’t have to push anything. Just keep the fireball in place, where it is likely to caught fire. Fireball automatically detects fire and burst to extinguisher the Fire.

Auto Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh

Auto Fire Extinguisher in Bangladesh is nowadays a great replacement for Manual Fire Extinguisher. Nobody has to do the extinguish work after all. It detects the fire and automatically extinguishes the fire as a small valve is attached to the Fire Extinguisher, which has low heat sensitivity.

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